My Clinical Story


I earned my Masters in Counseling Psychology at the University of Denver with a specialization in Addiction Studies, and am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Addiction Counselor. I have worked in many different settings as a therapist, but consistently concentrate on addiction treatment and relationships, codependency and identity development, and working within the corrections field with both inmates and law enforcement officials. 

I work primarily with individuals and concentrate on helping clients to recover their identity which may have been lost through either substances or process addiction, or unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships/codependency. 

In addition to my clinical practice, I sit on the Denver Sheriff Department Advisory Board and engage with community providers in an effort to enhance the efforts of DSD and to ensure the community is heard as well. 

My Personal Story


In 2011 I moved to Denver from Chicago. While Chicago will always have my heart, I am so happy and grateful in Denver. It is here in Denver where I've really begun to find my true self. Recovering yourself can be a wonderful and lifelong journey, and I can help.  One reason I can do this is because I have had to face these same steps and fears. I know what it's like to wake up and feel like a completely different person, to lose myself within a relationship, to become numb and voiceless, to feel empty and lost, and to long for the freedom to feel like me again.  I do what I do because I know it's possible to find your way out of the darkness and into the light. It's my job to give you a voice and to help you be seen.  

You've probably noticed the personal pictures I've included. I live in Denver with my partner, our dog and 2 cats (MY 2 cats when they go outside the litter box or throw up.  I love to hike, snowshoe, go to the movies with my bestie, cook, explore and so much more. 

I'm inspired by women. I grew up with my mom and sister and love them more than anything. I'm influenced by my aunt who is a criminal defense attorney and has taught me how to fight for others. AND I miss my grandmother every day...she could talk to anyone, she gave to everyone, she withstood so much and never gave up, and she always believed in humanity.