Be Connected, Become Visible, Belong, Be You



You Want Friendships, Relationships, Connection:

You are private, but you want to be seen. You are anxious at the idea of developing relationships, but all you desire is connection.  You want a place to be heard, yet fear what you might say. You want to become more confident in social situations.

You’re In Recovery And Want to Really Find Out Who You Are:

You want to feel like the fight is lessening and it’s becoming easier to be you. You want to feel that you matter to yourself and others. You want to believe in yourself and what you have to offer. You want to develop lasting relationships where it’s okay to be you….ALL of you.

Your Relationship Is Impacted By Addiction:

You’ve lost your voice and find you are always compromising yourself for someone else. Your anger and loneliness feel out of control at times, but you need help learning to feel settled. You don’t know how to put yourself first. You were taught that is “selfish”.

You already have an advantage in therapy

You are driven, you love learning, and you’re constantly pushing yourself internally - You’ll take what you learn in session and do what you do best…challenge yourself to grow.

We’ve got to get in to get out
— Genesis


 How do I show up as your therapist?

I’m your advocate AND I challenge you to grow. I’m warm, funny, and kind with a dose of realism. I get to know you and don’t make snap judgments. Therapy with me is interactive…you won’t find me head nodding during the entire session. I’m supportive, engaging and care about how you learn best. Much of the time I help you to practice breaking a pattern in session with me and then try it in the real world. I fight for you and walk alongside you. Oh and I’m always freezing…you’ll get used to seeing me with a mug of hot water :)