Is Your Relationship  Affected By Addiction?

No More Walking on Eggshells!

You don’t have to miss out on your life because of your partner’s addiction!

Get the support you deserve so that you can feel purpose and live the most fulfilling life possible!

Is This Group For Me?

  • You spend a considerable amount of time taking care of everyone else and your needs become insignificant.

  • You are nervous about doing or saying the wrong thing 

  • You are incessantly worrying and working so hard at trying to help your partner get/stay sober

  • Your life is consumed by someone else. Will it ever be your turn to be cared for?

  • You’re lonely and feeling like a shell of yourself. You want to feel like you again, but what does that even mean anymore

 How Can Group Help?

  • You will be able to talk to your partner  without being afraid that your needs will push them away, even if this has happened in the past.

  • You will be able to  create healthy boundaries that stick

  • You will quiet the incessant worry without fear of being responsible for someone else, even if this seems impossible and scary

  • You will be able to trust what you say and feel - your needs are important!

  • You will show up for yourself and spend less time worrying about disappointing or pleasing everyone else 

  • You will have more energy, feel empowered and will be able to recognize yourself again

Melissa Barbash, MA, LPC, LAC

Melissa Barbash, MA, LPC, LAC

Who Am I?

I help people in relationships with addicted partners to stop living in constant worry and fear, so that they can have the energy to show up for who they want to be.