Group Therapy Can Help You Thrive

It is very difficult to grow in isolation. Group counseling is highly effective because you know, right away, that you’re not the only person struggling. Just by being present in the room, you can learn the skills to connect with others, which is hugely healing, and walk away feeling empowered to be vulnerable and communicate in new, healthier ways. You can develop a better understanding of who you want to be and how you want to express that person to the world.

The group often serves as a practice arena for you to process and overcome stuck places. Group members can help one another engage in new communication techniques and reinforce existing strengths. With a variety of skill levels in the room, we can all collaborate on achieving common goals, with actionable steps. And, because group work invites shared accountability, the results can be efficient and profound.

We All Crave Connection

If you crave a community of people who share your same obstacles, you are certainly not alone. Group therapy brings folks together who are seeking support for a common reason. All of us crave connection, and if you are battling very isolating circumstances, like social anxiety, addiction or relationship discord, then it’s no wonder you’re seeking support.

Here, you can also gain skills that help you feel better, experience more overall peace and joy and break the negative cycle that has been keeping you stuck. When you’re seen and heard by those who share your struggles, the results and experience can be empowering.

Just a bit more…

As the facilitator, I am very present. I’m here to guide the conversation but also back off and let the group take the reins. Group counseling is a very fluid process in which individuals learn how to take empowering risks that ultimately lead to feeling seen, heard, validated and empowered.

Every time you leave group therapy, you walk away with new insights and skills to apply to your life. With support and high-level guidance, both from me and your peers, you can start to take charge, confidently, and move forward in the direction you want.