Are You Struggling To Maintain Fulfilling or Healthy Relationships?

I love to work with people focusing on self-esteem, anxiety and life transitions with a high concentration on Relationships and Addiction/Recovery. See the videos and details below to learn more about my approach.

Are you in a romantic relationship feeling alone and emotionally closed off from your partner? Maybe you’ve been together for years, but somewhere along the way, you lost a vital part of yourself. You may know something needs to change, but you aren’t exactly sure where to start.

Maybe you’re a meticulous planner who likes everything to be in order. When it comes to relationships, it’s difficult to plan or know what the “right” move should be. The people around you may think your life is wonderful, but they fail to see you’re struggling inside.

Do you concentrate on others’ needs more than your own? Maybe someone close to you struggles with mental illness or substance abuse. As your time and resources run thin, you may need someone to recognize you are struggling, too. You just want someone to see you.

Have you recently gone through a divorce or breakup and wonder what happened? Maybe you’re afraid of making the same mistakes in the future. Or, you just want to learn about yourself and acquire additional skills so that you can foster a healthy, satisfying partnership down the road.  

Do you struggle with trauma, social anxiety or something else that may be holding you back from intimacy with others? As you go through life without a special connection—one in which you can express yourself honestly and let someone else in—you may feel increasingly alone.

Are you in Recovery and…Finding life more difficult that you might have imagined. Maybe you thought everything would fall back into place, but you are running into residual relationship issues and trouble establishing your identity. When in recovery, you may not know how to navigate your various roles and long for healthy ways to manage distress.

Perhaps you are in a relationship affected by addiction… And you’re hurt by the actions of your partner. You may even blame yourself or feel ashamed and wonder why you’re not enough—why you’re not worth quitting for. You may feel very isolated, even disconnected from yourself and unable to talk about it.  It could be that you spend so much time and energy thinking or talking about your partner that it feels like you are not living for yourself anymore.

Recovery is difficult at all stages for everyone involved… Because it can affect every aspect of life. Whatever role or stage of recovery you find yourself experiencing, you may be looking for a way to slow down, breathe and feel confident about your future.

I am a licensed professional counselor with an emphasis in addictions. I have a great deal of experience working with substance use as well as with individuals in a relationship affected by addiction. I know how much pain and anger the experience can create. With my support, you can finally break away from the cycle of distress and move onward.

More often than not, conflict or differences present us with opportunities to grow. Whenever we encounter viewpoints different than our own, we are invited to see the world from a new perspective, which opens us up for greater understanding and change.

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